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What elucidate means in Hindi, elucidate meaning in Hindi, elucidate definition, examples and pronunciation of elucidate in Hindi language.crystalise, crystalize, crystallise, shed light on, sort out, crystallize, elucidate, illuminate, enlighten, straighten out, clear up, clear - make free from confusion or ambiguity; make clear; "Could you clarify these remarks?Hereafter I hope to elucidate at length these phenomena of expression.It may help to elucidate this matter if we regard it from another point of view.It comprises four families: Pterostemonaceae, Iteaceae, Grossulariaceae, and Saxifragaceae.Two members of the core Saxifragales had sometimes been placed near Saxifragaceae, but usually elsewhere."; "Clear up the question of who is at fault"elaborate, expatiate, expound, lucubrate, dilate, flesh out, exposit, enlarge, expand - add details, as to an account or idea; clarify the meaning of and discourse in a learned way, usually in writing; "She elaborated on the main ideas in her dissertation" the sense of the provision, which, if it had been intended to comprehend senators, would naturally have referred the temporary power of filling vacancies to the recess of the State legislatures, who are to make the permanent appointments, and not to the recess of the national Senate, who are to have no concern in those appointments; and would have extended the duration in office of the temporary senators to the next session of the legislature of the State, in whose representation the vacancies had happened, instead of making it to expire at the end of the ensuing session of the national Senate.

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Within the Saxifragales is a suprafamilial group known as the Saxifragaceae alliance.So elucidating was the moon's light that it left no room for confusion or doubt.If by aid of abridging, elucidating and arranging, we can get the reader engaged to peruse it patiently;—which seems doubtful.But that is not the question; the problem I have to elucidate!Elucidate the accident, by which you had me kidnapped to be sold into slavery.

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