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During working hours, the premises are patrolled by security.

“American media always wants to know why Switzerland doesn’t make prostitution illegal,” says Herzig. Shouldn’t we try to make it safe and provide areas for help?Several years ago, Zurich's taxpayers approved a referendum to build the .4 million compound as an alternative site for this open-air sex market.There haven’t been any reports of violence in Sihlquai since, and no sex workers have been reported operating there or in any of the surrounding neighborhoods.My cabbie drives past what seem like sleazebag Christmas crèches toward a small wooden shed, where two hookers in their 20s stand, hands on hips, cigarettes dangling from shiny, rouged mouths. She does, but when I tell her I’m a reporter, she rolls her eyes and says I can’t talk to her or any of the other women.“ social workers specially trained in conflict management.

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