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In her second story, a 36-year-old woman admitted that when she's out on a date, even when it's with someone she likes, "I like to look at my texts.So I tell him 'I have to go to the restroom' to check my messages." Turkle said students who aren't supposed to be checking their phones in class do that, too: go to the bathroom to check their texts."We opt out of the kinds of conversation that requires full concentration.

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They think they're being more efficient, but with every device they add, their performance suffers, she said."We want to be with each other, but connected to others." "We text, we shop, we go on Facebook when we're on dates.There's even an important new skill, making facial contact while you're texting. OK, I can do my email." Even though people are always participating in the conversation, "whenever that happens, people keep it light, on topics that people feel they can drop in and out of." Turkle said people who are constantly checking their mobile devices have a fear of boredom, a fear of being alone, and a fear of a lull in the conversation.Alone in a supermarket checkout line, or even at a stop light, they reach for their devices."We struggle to pay attention to ourselves, and what suffers is our ability to pay attention to each other," she said.

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