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The importance of sexual compatibility cannot be underestimated.

We all need to feel desirable and desired, and a lack of those feelings will surface at some point to damage the relationship. This doesn’t necessarily mean just sex per se, but any form of intimacy or romance.

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Guys, do your dates a favor and back off from pressuring her for sex in the early stages of dating. Don’t even talk or refer to sex on the first several dates if you want to be respectful.You may either become pigeonholed as the “friend” if you wait too long, or, if you two are not open in your discussions of your relationship and sex life, he may feel you are not attracted to him. Comedian Steve Harvey noted that companies usually withhold benefits from new employees for about 90 days, and that women too should withhold sex from new boyfriends for this same “trial” period.Every relationship is different, and the choice for each individual is his or her own.Another issue worth mentioning is how frequently sex occurs in the early dates. Certainly from a woman's point of view, however emancipated you may be, your greatest gift is your body.A man who is attracted to you will want to sleep with you, yes.

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