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Many single people make new year's resolutions to find a partner, Nofziger said, and around Valentine's Day, "people are feeling vulnerable. Another scam trending right now is the impostor scam.

In these scams, fraudsters call or email and say they are from an agency like the IRS.

"This is such an underreported crime," said Amy Nofziger of the AARP Fraud Watch Network.

Right now, one of the scams on the rise is the so-called sweetheart scam.

Many people, still keeping with their New Year's resolutions, are looking for love and are especially vulnerable to scammers.

Others are stuck at home during the winter months and are more likely to answer calls from financial fraudsters. Indeed, those over 65 are 34 percent more likely to have lost money on a financial scam than people in their 40s, according to research by the Stanford Center on Longevity and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority's Investor Education Foundation.

Then they say they are in a predicament—they're in jail, their wallet was stolen, or something similar—and they don't want their parents to know. "We've asked victims, and they say, 'I'm a smart person. But the minute they said they were my grandchild and I'm the only one that can help them, all my common sense went out the window,'" Nofziger said.

The more visibility this fraud gets, the easier it will be to spot.

Peterson suggests that older women in particular consider asking for help. "If you are online and you are getting a photo, an unrealistic photo, from someone who is professing their love for you in two days, what is your gut telling you?

Like younger folks, older Americans are increasingly using online dating sites, and those sites can open a window for scammers.

These scammers find an older woman on a dating site and establish a bond.

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