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I have found that these are common not only in Korea but also in large Korean communities in America such as Koreatown in Los Angeles or even in certain communities in New York or San Francisco. This is pretty much the equivalence of matchmaking or a referral from someone you know. You remember the old Biggie Small lyrics, "..your friends to get with my friends and we can be friends...".Let's say I have a single coworker that I think would be a good match for one of my girl friends. The literal translation for sogae is "introduction" or "to introduce". Generally this is a similar concept to sogaeting where usually one or two people have chosen to play matchmaker. I can call 2 of my girlfriends, you can call 2 of you guy friends, and we can all meet up to see if anything clicks for anyone.Our intelligent matchmaking process is designed to find you truly compatible potential partners, helping you to meet the single man or single woman you've been waiting for. By analyzing personality, location, and future lifestyle goals using our free personality test, we aim to match our members to singles who genuinely suit them on a meaningful level. Read More: Interested in meeting Christian, senior or single parent singles in Los Angeles? Sun, sand, and surf are facts of life in this part of So Cal, so it makes sense to make the most of them when it comes to dating.

For all my feminists out there, if it brings you any comfort, there is also an opposite version of this where the girls can request guys to be sent and introduced.See more in our magazine for expert relationships insights, from Jewish dating advice to making a good impression on your first date. While all three options have their appeal, if you opt for Santa Monica you can complete your date at Tanzy, an Italian-meets-USA restaurant on Wilshire Boulevard at the south edge of Westwood Village. A., the lack of opportunity to meet singles here is not one of them! The term ''dating in Los Angeles'' means different things to different people. , with some Angelenos even throwing Orange County into the mix.First off, the girl's obligation is simply to be introduced to guys.There is no expectation of "hooking up", let alone having to hang out with them for more than a "meet n greet" and a drink.

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