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"But some people on Perfect Strangers weren't very nice to me when they found out." And so when Payton was upstaged on the Matters set--by nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel, played by Jaleel White--she was philosophical.

"When you're headed to the moon, you don't give a damn who the captain of the ship is," she says.

"When my friends bring their kids over, I have fun playing with them for a while," says the unmarried actor.

"But then they start getting into my stuff, and I say, 'They're cute.

"Toward the end of that summer I kept asking my mom, 'Aren't we going back to work? "I was back in school, and I didn't have any friends," she says. "I had boyfriends who would be like, 'She has money, she can pay our way.'" In 1996, Foxworth, who shares a home in Burbank with her mom, two sisters and toddler niece, formed a pop band called S. After several years of acting classes, the Burbank High School graduate is also back on the audition circuit.

"Next time," she says, "I want to make serious films." EDDIE WINSLOW "I'm extremely happy with the way my career is going," says Darius Mc Crary, 24.

It would be hard to argue with him: He has landed a lead role as a mercenary on a fall UPN series called Freedom.

"Bad guys have more character." His former television costars would probably disagree.

"Of all the people I've ever worked with, he's the most special," says his Family wife, Jo Marie Payton. We'd laugh so hard together that I couldn't breathe." Adds director John Tracy: "He's a sweetheart of a guy--a real and happy person." That likability helped Vel Johnson land his current spot in MCI's 10-10-321 advertising campaign, but last year a New York City theater production of A Christmas Carol--in which he played the Ghost of Christmas Present--allowed him to explore his edgier side.

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