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Last night, on the divisive series finale of How I Met Your Mother, after nine seasons and 200-plus episodes, Ted finally met the mother. Vulture was able to talk to the mother-meeter himself, Josh Radnor, about the end of the show.

He makes a case for the ending, defends the Ted haters, gives details about a possibly revelatory cut Robin-Ted scene from the finale, and reveals where he currently is hanging (or not hanging) the blue French horn.

Now, one “How I Met Your Mother Fan” with too much time on his or her hands has stumbled across the mother lode of background performances.

Thanks to some well-timed screengrabs and the power of social media, fans of Barney Stinson and his pals are finally learning the fun, tragic tale of the drama behind the drama.

As Alyson Hannigan’s Lily delivers a line, you can see the extras behind her, with the man now marveling at his wife’s pregnant belly.

And as Jason Segel’s Marshall continues to tease Smulders’ Robin, their now-grown boy has graduated from school and is toasting his achievement with mom and dad.

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I always found working with Cristin to be such a joy, so when it came time to shoot it, I just tried to will myself into the character's shoes and connect with Cristin and not think of it as this huge, iconic moment. There were a couple of hints along the way: Ted’s big speech to the mother in "The Time Travelers." That was the first time I heard people talking about that possibility. Did Ted tell this entire story so that they would be fine with him dating Robin? There’s a jarring disconnect between fans who had five minutes to process that information and kids who had six years.

It would also seem as though this revelation might raise more questions than answers: How did the stars of “HIMYM” keep a straight face while all this was going on behind them?

Will there ever be a spinoff show with the background actors?

I don’t think that was true.” Radnor added that he often speaks at colleges and takes an informal poll of who liked the finale. “It seems to be about 60/40 — 60 [percent] disappointed, 40 [percent who liked it].

So I think it’s been overstated, people’s disappointment with it.” Setting aside the fact that 60 percent is a pretty significant slice of the audience to let down, Radnor said the finale was true to the show itself: “It always upended your expectations, it always made you cry, it always was not what you thought it was.

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