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Hayward, new edition [John Murray: London] 1883 (p. Beeton's statement reads thusly: "Do ladies know to whom they are indebted for the introduction of ices, which all the fair sex are passionately fond of? Hess observes: "the first American recipe that I know of that features vanilla on its own is one for vanilla ice cream in Mary Randolph's The Virginia Housewife, 1824; similar recipes had, however been appearing in France, and Jefferson brought back one in 1784, showing once again how tht printed word lags behind usage." Source: Martha Washington's Booke of Cookery, transcribed by Karen Hess [Columbia University Press: New York] 1981 (p.

--To Catherine de' Medici." (General Observations: Ices, last paragraph). 13) [About vanilla.] Our survey of 18th-early 19th century English and American cookbooks confirms fruit ice creams were probably the most popular.

Called The Art of Making Frozen Desserts, it is a 240-page offering by one M.

Emy, who not only gives formulas for "food fit for the gods," but offers theological and philosophical explanations for such phenomena as the freezing of water.

What are they really telling us about our collective gastronomic legacy?

Catherine de Medici & the "introduction" ice cream to France "How curious then, in modern times--meaning from the mid ninteenth century on--it has come to be believed that Catherine de Medici was accompanied to France by a bevy of Italian confectioners who taught their French colleagues how to make ices and frozen sherbets.

1893 NYC favorites 1920s ice cream specials Augustus Jackson Howard Johnson's 28 flavors carton shrinkage Food historians tell us the history of ice cream begins with ancient flavored ices.

As time and technology progressed, ice cream flavors (Pistachio, Rocky Road, Chunky Monkey), complicated confections (19th century Neapolitan bricks, English bombes & American cakes), and novelty concoctions (hokey-pokey treats, ice cream bars, popsicles, sundaes, sodas & banana splits), proliferated. Centuries ago people started making refreshing summer-time desserts by taking sweet cream (the richest part of milk) or custard (egg-based puddings) and cooling them down with ice.

Where did they get the ice before we had refrigerators? The chillier the cream, the more solid the product. Before modern refrigeration mostly wealthy people had access to ice (and by association, iced cream) in the summer. It was not until the late 19th century "ice cream" was consumed by Americans across all socio-economic levels.

The tone of the book is set by its frontispiece, which depicts a brace of angels delivering ice cream to earth from heaven.

Although frozen desserts were becoming common in regal circles, not until 1670 when the Cafe Procope opened in Paris did "iced creams" and sherbets spread to the masses." ---The Great American Ice Cream Book, Paul Dickson [Atheneum: New York] 1972 (p.

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