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In this episode, Rocky Rosen The Cigarette Whisperer who has appeared on The Doctors and his client, celebrity Guest, entertainer, Author and Media Personality Gretchen Bonaduce will discuss the health implications of smoking, the reasons behind the habit, what steps to take in order to change your health and your life, and the meaning of it all with Host Dr.

Danielle Delaney, Crisis Counselor, Spiritual Counselor, Interventionist & Addiction Aftercare Specialist.

So I had giant burns on my fingers and lips because I would pick up a red-hot pipe and stick it in my mouth. So my Mom knocks on the door, and I know what I look like, and Im so bummed that shes there.

And I would literally hear the searing of flesh burning. It was an uncomfortable visit because were both trying to act like nothing is wrong. My wife told me that I am the best father she has ever seen, and that meant a lot to me.

And its funny, because there are people I love in that movie and I didnt really care. But I happened to walk on the set one day at the wrong time to say "if you do that, were going to have a huge problem". So they took out all the scenes of him actually sipping the drink to make me happy. When Scott and I first met, sometime around 8th grade, I still had some Partridge Family money.The former child actor ("The Partridge Family") and pumped up reality TV subject ("Breaking Bonaduce") married girlfriend Amy Railsback on Nov. Bonaduce, 51, and his bride -- a 28-year-old former substitute teacher who is now his manager -- sealed their love with a 0 "sterling silver diamond crusted skull and crossbones" wedding ring.But, fear not, Bonaduce also gave Railsback a more run-of-the-mill diamond ring in a white gold setting. I had just received my 1st or 2nd degree black belt and there was a fight scene in it, so I offered to choreograph it for them. But when I did, I see hes this huge guy, about 220 lbs. I attacked him first, not because I wanted to, I just thought I was going to have to and Im too small to take the punishment from a 220 lb. If he had hit first, I would have gone down and stayed down. I was looking at myself and all of a sudden I hear, What a poser! So I knew he was going on my friends radio show that day and I said, You got to tell him about this. And then the disc jockey said, You could kick his ass, couldnt you? Donny went out and got a trainer and studied boxing. He had all these questions for me and I had all these clever answers. The interesting thing for the headline was I was the guy from The Partridge Family, and he was the guy in the miniskirt. So I get out of the car, opened his door and pulled him out of the car. It didnt need to go that far, although were both glad it did because it made a big comeback in both our careers. We were at the gym and there were mirrors on the wall. I hear someone slam me, and I turned around and it was Donny Osmond now thats funny! So, Im on my way to work and listening to the show and hes telling the story just like I told him to do. This disc jockey is leading you down a stupid path. There was no chin strap, so anytime youd get hit it would fall off.

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