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The shift has occurred in the three years since the pressure group Let Toys be Toys started campaigning.In 2012, when The Independent on Sunday first covered this issue, M&S was selling toys such as walkie-talkies for boys, and karaoke sets for girls.Campaigners and politicians have warned that stereotyping can deter girls from studying science and engineering.

Yay paps.) He does the Louis Vuitton ads, which is why you don’t recognize their celebrity model (Madonna). I hated Bratz too, once upon a time, the big-eyed, clubfooted dolls dressed like streetwalkers, named like starlets (Jade, Yasmin, Cloe — yes, spelled that way) and interested in one thing only (collecting bling).

If Ralph Lauren’s company can’t afford at least one of his assistants, they’ve got more trouble than some jeering from the internets. I called them the Li’l Ho’s, Skankz, everything I could think of.

But since Jezebel brought it up, this seems the time to get something off my chest. All conscientious parents hate Bratz, for lo, the Bratz are eminently hate-able. But I came to change my mind, and even though Bratz are in eclipse now, their cultural impact on nervous parents lives on, and I’m here with one word of advice: Relax.

I kept my house a Bratz-free zone, but the small temptresses found their way in, just the same.

Kate’s friend Sophia would bring them with her when she came to play, and even though this was in Ann Arbor, and every Ann Arbor child eventually becomes familiar with the sort of parent who bans toys on political or philosophical grounds, I decided to hold my fire and just watch them play with Yasmin and Sluté for a while.

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