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IU is working with Microsoft to resolve this issue.When your mailbox is moved to the new Exchange 2010 mailbox servers, all deleted data that is still in retention (i.e., available for recovery) is cleared.For more, see: Users may experience issues receiving instant messages while using the integrated Lync functionality within Exchange Outlook Web App.To avoid this issue, use a full version of the Lync client.To move your Entourage 2oo8 Identity to the new computer, open Entourage and let it create a new Microsoft User Data folder. Move your Main Identity from your old computer into the new Microsoft User Data Office 2008 Identities folder in Documents and replace the new blank Entourage Identity. Entourage Identities restored from Time Machine are often too corrupted to run.

If you are using Outlook 2010, do not install the After installing Exchange 2010 SP2 RU6 or SP3, you may be unable to soft delete messages containing voice mail attachments, or messages with attachments (such as PDF) sent from a fax server, printer, or scanner. With a user or delegate, if one of them has been moved to Exchange 2010 while the other has not been moved, the delegate will not be able to access the user's account.You will not be able to modify members of an Exchange distribution list until permissions of the list are updated.To update the list permissions, see ARCHIVED: Why can't I modify my Exchange distribution lists in the GAL?Manually download or select “Check for updates” under Help in the Menubar in any Office application to update fully.If you do not update fully after reinstalling Office 2008, your identity might fail to open. 12.1.0 SP1 download 12.2.0 SP2 requires 12.1.0 or higher be installed download 12.3.6 Requires 12.2.0 or higher be installed.

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