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In this study, we adopt a slightly revised version of the sigmoidal model (referred to here as the ‘sigmoidal growth model’) to include a late stage decline in tree growth rate after it plateaus in old age (as predicted in the physiological growth models).

Thus, we are interested in testing whether the sigmoidal growth model applies to a variety of trees where there exists a large amount of dendrochronological data.

The majority of the contributing investigators were personally contacted to ensure that they posted complete chronologies extending from the bark to (or very near) the pith of the trees recorded.

Both young and old trees were obtained from the ITRDB.

We take the approach of examining basal area increment (BAI) changes over time across all age classes from young to old trees, rather than just studying the oldest individuals of each species where sample biases may exist (Cherubini et al. Further details pertaining to specific sites can be found in appendix of Johnson (2007).

Younger trees ( Trees undergo physiological changes as they age, including lower photosynthetic rates, decreased growth rates, shifting of carbon resources to different parts of the plant and reductions in foliar efficiency, leaf size and gas exchange rates (Kaufmann 1996, Ryan and Yoder 1997, Carrer and Urbinati 2004, Martínez-Vilalta et al. The larger size and the structural complexity usually associated with tree aging increase the maintenance respiration costs and reduce the efficiency of water transport; these both tend to reduce growth (Weiner and Thomas 2001, Carrer and Urbinati 2004, Mencuccini et al. Weiner and Thomas (2001) and Weiner (2004) discuss a sigmoidal model in which the size of a plant increases slowly at an early age, becomes exponential during middle age and plateaus during old age.

The latter phase is attributed to age- and size-related growth declines.

Ring-width chronologies obtained from the ITRDB have been subjected to rigorous crossdating standards and checked with COFECHA.

The raw-ring widths recorded for remeasured and newly collected core sets were converted to BAI in the same manner as ring widths collected from the ITRDB (see the above procedure).

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