Crippled girl dating sim

Despite Western thought, dating sims are not necessarily pornographic.

In fact, pornographic dating sims are a sharp minority in commercial dating games.

Picking the wrong choice can have the meter decrease, potentially harming the player, depending on the game.

The Tokimeki Franchise is most notable for introducing the "bomb" feature.

Good interactions boost your meter, bad interactions reduce it.

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With titles such as "Aching Dreams2 Hentai Game," "Meet'N'Fuck Road Trip," and "Orgasm Girl," it's pretty obvious what sort of direction these games are heading into.

A higher social rank also means that characters will give each other better benefits (higher dodge rate and higher attack skill, for example), with the S rank as the highest.

Through cut-scenes, their relationships improve as the characters climb up ranks, culminating in S rank, which is only unlockable with two characters of the opposite sex and which enables them to marry.

Ends can be fairly bittersweet: a good end can involve the couples in a long distance relationship or a deathbed confession of love, but it does involve the couple getting together.

In most games, the relationship between the avatar and the potential suitor is measured in a meter.

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