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Rather, they are using it as a fun, easy and usually harmless way to spice up their sex.

Relationship coach Suzanne Blake has seen and heard it all when it comes to sexting, including a wife who enjoys sexting her husband while he's traveling on business, telling (and showing) him what he's missing at home.

"I try to promote those that have a basis in science as well as in history—and there are a lot of them." Reiley likens culinary aphrodisiacs to vitamins—valuable pieces of a total nutritional puzzle rather than silver bullet cure-alls.

"People always ask me, What's the food that's going to act like Viagra? But a lot of foods can promote sexual health by their nutritional value." "I also think there's a little bit of the power of persuasion involved," Reiley continued.

"It's a misnomer that the biological changes of aging have to lead to a decrease in sexuality and sexual experience," she says.“Anthony and I remain devoted to doing what is best for our son, who is the light of our life.During this difficult time, I ask for respect for our privacy.” Sexting is a practice often associated with teenagers. "Sexpert" Genie James recommends texting a quick love note to your sweetie during the day." she said, referring to the Pfizer pharmaceutical corporation's anti-impotence pill. "If someone tries these but adamantly believes that they will have no value as aphrodisiacs, well, they'll probably tell you that they had no effect." Reiley admits to a few favorites, beginning with the oyster."They are a very sensual food, and they have a wonderful history as an aphrodisiac that goes all the way back to Aphrodite [and ancient Greece]," she said.

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