Accommodating tests

Spelling instruction with special education supports may be appropriate to assist the student to improve his/her spelling skills. What options are available when a student is scheduled for more than one State examination in a single day?When the CSE/CPSE/504 MDT discusses and recommends appropriate testing accommodations for a student with a disability, the discussion must include consideration of any State assessments the student is scheduled to take that year.Proctors must monitor student use of highlighters to ensure that they are not being used by students to record their responses to questions that must be answered in pencil and that the use of the highlighters does not obscure the students' responses to open-ended questions. The school principal may indicate the need for large type or Braille editions in the standard examination request submitted to the Office of State Assessment prior to each examination period.

Only those students with disabilities for whom it has been determined that instruction in Braille or the use of Braille is not appropriate may be permitted to have the Grades 3-8 ELA Tests read to them as a testing accommodation if indicated on the IEP.

No student, whether identified as having a disability or not, should be scheduled to take more than two examinations during the August administration.

What are the consequences if a school fails to provide the testing accommodations required by the students IEP/504 Plan?

Does the Department delete items that cannot be reproduced in Braille?

On occasion, the Department will revise a test question on the Braille edition of a State assessment to make it accessible to Braille readers.

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