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Sun Radiology can provide a checklist to determine if you would be considered at high risk or at moderately increased risk and should have both a mammogram and MRI every year. While the MRI is a more sensitive test and more likely to detect cancer than a mammogram, it may still miss some cancers that a mammogram would detect – so the two together provide the best detection. These decreases are believed to be the result of earlier detection through screening and increased awareness, as well as improved treatment.Education, awareness and new strides in technology play a major role in the increased survival rate for breast cancer. The American Cancer Society believes that the use of regular mammograms, the addition of Breast MRI for women who are at high risk and clinical breast exams offer the best opportunity for reducing breast cancer deaths.I have a relatively short questionnaire that everyone fills out, that asks basic questions that I need to ask in the planning meeting, so that I can have an intelligent discussion with the clients about what they want to do.I ask about who they want to leave their assets to, how they feel about life support, how they feel about organ donations, who they want to make medical decisions for them, whether they want burial or cremation and what to do with their remains, as well as all the obvious things, like who will be the guardians of their children and how and when they want the children to receive the assets. So many people try to do this on their own now, but that actually creates more work for me.There are also other factors that make digital mammography a better choice.Mammography uses x-rays to create images of the breast.

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This increased image resolution is an especially important advantage for women who have large or dense breasts.Basically the way the law reads is, if you are married, you are entitled to all the same rights and privileges that every other married couple is entitled to, which means you can do a joint estate plan and you can file joint tax returns, although I am waiting to see how this all plays out.I have not had a lot of gay and lesbian married couples come to me who were not already clients, who want to change their current estate plans; one thing I note about gay and lesbian couples is that they seem to acquire more assets, whether it is because most do not have children or they are more committed to their financial situations than unmarried people, but those in relationships seem to have a lot more assets.RESOURCES: American Cancer Society Centers for Disease Control and Prevention National Cancer Institute National Breast Cancer Awareness Month website ( Mt Sinai J Med. An unspoiled land, sunny climate and misty afternoons give Ka‘u coffee its characteristic deep flavors.

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